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A woman pushes a cart with plastic bins toward a residence hall. A second woman carrying a bag walks behind her.

Move In Day for students living in residence halls on the Corvallis campus will be a multi-day process for Fall 2020, taking place between Sept. 18-22,...

Laboratory Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogen Training via Zoom

Laboratory Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogen Training is required annually for personnel work with blood, body fluids, unfixed tissues or cell lines of human...

7/9 12pm
Virtual Event
Monday Night Meditation

6:30-8pm online via Zoom during spring and summer 2020. Open to all. No charge. No experience necessary. Just drop in (come a tad early to be on time)! ...

7/6 6:30am
OPA Career Seminar Series: Introduction to Cover letters

Join us for a seminar on writing cover letters for faculty job applications. A presentation will be given by Dr. Silvia Rondon, followed by a brief Q&A...

7/7 12pm
Virtual Event
Emily L. Boring - Integrative Biology MS Defense Seminar

"Genetic structure, diversity, and mating system of Leptasterias sea stars: Potential for local adaptation?"

7/10 9am
Virtual Event
OSU Drupal 7 Fundamental Media Remote Workshop

Come learn about how to work with various forms of media in OSU Drupal 7. Covers a variety of topics including: OSU Brand GuidelinesWorking with...

7/15 10am
Virtual Event
OSU Drupal 7 Great Layouts with Paragraphs Remote Workshop

This is a media intensive course that covers the following: OverviewConsiderations when Using ParagraphsMedia Preparation LabUsing ParagraphsCreate a 1...

7/16 10am
Virtual Event
HMSC Research Seminar-Florida Manatee Hearing and Boat Collisions: Integration of Laboratory and Field Studies

Speaker:Dr. Athena Rycyk, Assistant Professor of Biology and Marine Science at New College of Florida Topic:Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)...

7/16 3:30pm
Virtual Event
Cascades Virtual Game Night

Connect with your peers at the Cascades campus through an evening of virtual board games and multiplayer games or come and cheer for competitors via the live...

7/26 7pm
Virtual Event
OSU Drupal 7 Basics Remote Workshop

Focuses on basic elements of using the OSU Drupal 7 Content Management System (CMS). This workshop is slow-paced, interactive, and geared toward beginning...

7/28 10am
Virtual Event