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Department of Horticulture Seminar Series:

Brittany Barker, Postdoc Research Associate, Horticulture, "Modeling climate suitability and phenology to safeguard U.S. agricultural and natural resources...

11/12 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar Series

Genomic approaches used by the Food and Drug Administration to understand pine mouth and other botanical challenges Dr. Sara Handy, Research Biologist US...

11/14 4pm
Addressing Weed Management Challenges Through Applied Research and Extension

P&T Seminar Andy Hulting

11/18 4pm
Integrative Biology Seminar - Dr. Michael Blouin

Dr. Michael Blouin, Professor, Integrative Biology, OSU will present a seminar entitled "Genetics of Disease Resistance in a Snail Vector of...

11/18 4pm
Department of Horticulture Seminar Series:

Nicole Sanchez, Assistant Professor, Horticulture, will present "Hort Career Retrospective: Knowing when NOT to stick to the plan." The event is free and...

11/19 4pm

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I found it very informative. There are quite a few options for students in the STEM field.

Agricultural & Life Sciences Building

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Alan Calvert 2/5/2018

You found my comment about a location. you win!