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CURE Mini Symposium

Cripps Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Mini Symposium

9/24 9am
Bioinformatics Users Group (BUG)

Bioinformatics Users Group (BUG): “CGRB’s new DFS for one and all!, i.e., Don’t know what a Distributed File System is? Come find out!” Christopher Sullivan...

9/25 12pm
Biochemistry & Biophysics Seminar

Zachary A. Lewis, an associate professor at the University of Georgia will present “Assembly and maintenance of repressive chromatin domains”.

10/2 3pm
Bioinformatics Users Group (BUG)

Bioinformatics Users Group (BUG): “A phased, diploid assembly of the hop (Humulus lupulus) genome reveals patterns of selection and haplotype variation,...

10/9 12pm
Biochemistry & Biophysics Seminar

Andrew Hinck, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh will be presenting "Structural biology of TGF-beta family signaling proteins – new insights into...

10/16 3pm

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Ekembu Tanyi left a positive review 6/30/2019

I found it very informative. There are quite a few options for students in the STEM field.

Agricultural & Life Sciences Building

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Alan Calvert

Alan Calvert 2/5/2018

You found my comment about a location. you win!