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Biochemistry & Biophysics Seminar

HyeongJun Kim, an associate professor at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, will present “The gene silencing protein MORC-1 topologically entraps DNA and...

1/20 3pm
Dr. Jonathan Jacobs

Evolutionary basis of bacterial vascular pathogenesis Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology, Ohio State University

1/23 4pm
Bioinformatics Users Group (BUG)

Bioinformatics Users Group (BUG): Using bilevel optimization to examine antigenic drift in the Influenza A1 virus, i.e. What influences why I need to get a...

1/29 12pm
BPP Winter Seminar Series

The impact of chromatin structure on genome stability and evolution in plant pathogens Dr. Mareike Moeller Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry...

1/30 4pm
BPP Winter Seminar Series

Plant Variety and Hormone Treatment Modulate Vinca Alkaloid Production in Catharanthus Roseus Valerie Fraser Graduate Student, Molecular and Cellular...

2/6 4pm

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Fenggang Luan

Fenggang Luan left a positive review 11/5/2019

I think I need to study more new applications about bioinformation.

Fenggang Luan

Fenggang Luan left a positive review 1/14/2020

I can study different techniques of bioinformation, so I think it is great!

Ekembu Tanyi

Ekembu Tanyi left a positive review 6/30/2019

I found it very informative. There are quite a few options for students in the STEM field.

Agricultural & Life Sciences Building

Agricultural & Life Sciences Building posted a photo 5/2/2018

Alan Calvert

Alan Calvert 2/5/2018

You found my comment about a location. you win!