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CEOAS Geography Symposium - Wrathall & Kennedy

Will climate change drive "mass migration?" The impact of sudden, large-scale and destabilizing environmental change on population by David Wrathall,...

10/23 3pm
CEOAS Geology & Geophysics Seminar - Sue Bilek

Seismology applications: From megathrust earthquakes to flowing water by Sue Bilek, New Mexico Tech

10/24 4pm
CEOAS Geography Symposium - James Watson

Modeling complex and adaptive social-ecological systems by James Watson

10/30 3pm
George Moore Lecture by Maureen E. Raymo

Sea level during past warm periods — from the Pliocene to the Eemian by Maureen E. Raymo Bruce C. Heezen Lamont Research Professor and Director,...

10/31 4pm
CEOAS Geography Symposium - Tilt & Hommel

Pixels, people, and place: Planning with purpose in perplexing times by Jenna Tilt, Geography and life, my take by Demian Hommel

11/6 3pm

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Gang Wang

Gang Wang left a positive review 6/5/2019


Dominique Bachelet

Dominique Bachelet left a negative review 1/24/2019

Half of the lecture was about general philosophy and basics, the other half was a discussion. It was pretty obvious that professors at OSU are unaware of what students are already doing.