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CEOAS Geology & Geophysics Seminar - Howie Spero

Improving paleoceanographic reconstructions: The carbonate ion effect and other long-ignored problems by Howie Spero, UC Davis

2/21 4pm
Ocean Ecology & Biogeochemistry Seminar - Clare Reimers

Aquatic eddy covariance measurements from a seafloor observatory: observations of the vertical transport of oxygen and heat near the seafloor of Saanich...

2/22 12pm
Ocean Ecology & Biogeochemistry Seminar - Howie Spero

Exploring planktic Foraminifera biomineralization with 21st century tools by Howie Spero (UC Davis)

2/22 12pm
Physics of Oceans & Atmospheres Seminar - Juan Restrepo

Rain Calms the Sea by Juan Restrepo

2/26 2:30pm
CEOAS Geology & Geophysics Seminar - Dave Graham

Noble gases and geodynamics by Dave Graham, OSU CEOAS

2/28 4pm

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Dominique Bachelet

Dominique Bachelet left a negative review 1/24/2019

Half of the lecture was about general philosophy and basics, the other half was a discussion. It was pretty obvious that professors at OSU are unaware of what students are already doing.