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CEOAS Student Seminar - Katie Darr, Mike Gunnels, Michael Harrison

Deep sea and me by Katie Darr; Earthquakes and tomography in the Caucasus mountains of Azerbaijan by Mike Gunnels; Isotopic and hydrochemical composition of...

4/22 4pm
Physics of Oceans & Atmospheres Seminar - John Abatzoglou

A future of hotter, longer, and more synchronous fire seasons by John Abatzoglou (University of Idaho)

4/23 3:30pm
CEOAS Geology & Geophysics Seminar - Frank Ramos

Dating young volcanic rocks at Changbaishan Volcano: Insights from radium isotopes by Frank Ramos (New Mexico State University)

4/25 4pm
M.S. Thesis Defense - Shyam Das-Toké

Creating a quantitative predictive model of cinder cone evolution in Central Oregon Shyam Das-Toké M.S. candidate in Geology Advisor: Dr. Adam Kent

4/29 1pm
CEOAS Student Seminar - Theresa Fritz-Endres, Jordan Lubbers, Ben Frieberg

Barium in foramnifera shells by Theresa Fritz-Endres; Barium in sanidine by Jordan Lubbers; Disentangling influences of the Greenland Ice Sheet and Deep...

4/29 4pm

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Dominique Bachelet

Dominique Bachelet left a negative review 1/24/2019

Half of the lecture was about general philosophy and basics, the other half was a discussion. It was pretty obvious that professors at OSU are unaware of what students are already doing.