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Monday, June 11

 Craft Cidery Startup Workshop

Oregon State University has played a central role in advancing the field of fermentation sciences, as well as helping entrepreneurs learn how to start...

WSE Defense:  Architect Perceptions of Current Trends in Wood Construction

In the last few decades new trends and innovations in wood products have emerged that are changing the way we can use this material in buildings....

The Past, Present, and Future of Fire and Ponderosa Pine Stand Dynamics in the Metolius Research Natural Area, Central Oregon

Kayla Johnston, MS Candidate, Sustainable Forest Management graduate program Major Professor: John Bailey

PhD Final Examination – Bassem Khalfi

Efficient Spectrum Sensing and Sharing Techniques for Dynamic Wideband Spectrum AccessBesides enabling an enhanced mobile broadband access, fifth-generation...

Prof. Samir Zard (Ecole Polytechnique, France) - Organic Chemistry Seminar

Reversible Reservoirs for Radicals. A Powerful Strategy for the Construction of Carbon-Carbon Bonds

Monday, June 11