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Wednesday, January 19

Aurora Webinar: How Aurora can help you prepare for a job search in 2022

Join Beyond the Professoriate for an introduction to Aurora, the professional development e-learning platform for PhDs and postdocs. Through self-paced...

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Image of Cascade Range, Oregon, Winter 2022 Academic Success Workshop Series

Writing is a process that takes energy, concentration and time. These days, it might feel like we don’t have as much of those to work with. Join us to think...

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This week's Webinar Wednesday is with Katie McKay. Katie is a recruiter at Fast Enterprises - and her topic is: "First Year on the Job: Survival Guide." Fast...

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Garmin Guest Speaker

The Sports Product Development Club will be hosting Garmin for a virtual event this week. Engineers from the Mechanical, Software, and Electrical departments...

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National Labs and Government Agencies Fair (Virtual)

Come to the National Labs and Government Agencies Fair to learn more about careers, entry-level positions and internship opportunities at national...

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American Strings: An Evening with Valerie June

A live, remote conversation and intimate performance featuring singer-songwriter Valerie June. Valerie June's unique sound encompasses folk, blues, gospel,...

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BEavers HERE NOW Guided Meditation

Enjoy a different 15 minute guided meditation each week. Sessions take place every Monday and Wednesday at 5 pm. Each session will be offered in person and...

Careers in Psychology: Panel Talk

Meet OSU Psychology alumni and learn about their career trajectories since graduating. Gain practical insights into a wide variety of career opportunities...

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AGC logo

ALL ARE WELCOME! Come and learn from industry professionals about R&H Contruction. Located in Oregon, they have major projects in the Portland metro area...

Green Crab

Speaker: Sylvia Yamada, Courtesy Faculty, Oregon State University Topic: European Green Crabs: Are they here to stay? European green crabs are global...

Virtual Event
November Lan - Gaming Club at OSU

We are having a club party event for the community to relax after the midterm.

Wednesday, January 19