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Thursday, May 26

Tea and coffee

Start your morning off right! Stop by for free coffee, tea, pastries, and a chance to connect with the benefit of wellness center counselors, Jill and Mary...


Journaling, gentle yoga, and a beginner’s meditation series to help off-set the stress of life. Join Natalie as she leads a relaxing and peaceful practice....

OSU Drupal 7 Great Layouts with Paragraphs Remote Workshop

This is a media intensive course that covers the following: OverviewOSU Brand GuidelinesMedia Preparation LabUsing ParagraphsCreate a 1 Column Background...

Virtual Event
Fern leaf on soil

Process with a group of peers while under the supervision of a licensed counselor.


Speaker: Will Hemstrom, Department of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis Topic: Should I stay or should I go: The genetics of migration...

Virtual Event
Pandemic Politics

COVID-19 has killed more people than any war or public health crisis in American history. How did COVID-19, a non-political event, become so politicized—and...

Teach Global Virtual Information Panel

Are you interested in teaching outside of the United States after you graduate from OSU? Come to this information session to learn how! Whether you want to...

Virtual Event
Disability Etiquette Conference

Student panelists of persons with disabilities share experiences of prejudice and advice on being an ally to our community through basic proprieties and...

American Strings on the Plaza: An Evening with Curtis Salgado

Join host Bob Santelli in getting to know better the Pacific Northwest's own blues legend Curtis Salgado and guitarist Alan Hagar, in an evening of...

Thursday, May 26