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Monday, June 6

Parasitoid wasps of Douglas-fir Needle Midge (Contarinia pseudotsugae Condrashoff, 1961) larvae in two Christmas tree farms, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Saliha Voyvot, MS defense, Sustainable Forest Management graduate program Major Professor: Dave Shaw

Yi-Chia "Grace" Lin (Subramanian Group)

Yi-Chia "Grace" Lin (Subramanian Group) - Chemistry Thesis Defense

Virtual Event
Reading - Beth Piatote

In partnership with Roundabout Books, in partnership with OSU Cascades MFA in Creative Writing, will host a reading from this terms Distinguished Visiting...

Writing West: A Conversation with Two Award-Winning Authors

Join us at the High Desert Museum for a reading and discussion featuring nationally acclaimed Native American scholar and author Beth Piatote and MFA faculty...

Monday, June 6