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Wednesday, November 28

Photo of the OSU Valley Library

Geometric Motion Planning for Inertial Systems Major Professor: Dr. Ross Hatton In order to enable better visualization and understanding of the effect of...

Estimation of soil particle size distribution using CT scans

Max Boath, MS Candidate, Sustainable Forest Management Major Professor: Bogdan Strimbu

Vigor Classification of Southwestern White Pine Seedlings in a Common Garden Study from High Resolution Multispectral and Thermal Infrared UAS Imagery

Cory Garms, MF Project Presentation, Sustainable Forest Management Major Professor: Michael Wing

Decorate a Gingerbread House

Build the gingerbread house of your dreams and compete for prizes with your fellow Beavs! The event goes until supplies run out.

Alma Ata, 40 years on…

Adam Hoverman, DO, DTMH, Research Fellow in Preventive Medicine, Oregon Health Sciences University will examine the philosophy and principles underlying Alma...

Paws to De-stress

Finals can be ruff! Take a break from studying to do some self care and hang out with therapy dogs. There is sure to be a "pawstive" outcome!

Productivity Sit-Ins

Come cowork with and get to know fellow women of color at Oregon State University!

MS Final Exam – Xiang Gu

Developing a Distributed Computing Framework for Accelerating Deep learning for Google Street View Digital maps has been increasingly used in the past few...

PhD Preliminary Oral Exam – Umme Ayda Mannan

Using code smells to shape code evolution and robustness in large development efforts As the complexity of software has increased, software development has...

Reverence: The Little Gallery

The works of Ka’ila Farrell-Smith, Natalie Ball and Rick Bartow are profoundly ingrained in their Northwest indigenous heritage and culture, while exploring...

AI Seminar: Obtaining Calibrated Probabilities from Machine Learning Models

Thomas G. Dietterich Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) Oregon State University A predictive model is well-calibrated if the probabilities that it predicts...

Biochemistry & Biophysics Seminar

Rebecca Page will be presenting "Cracking the Phosphatase Code: Connecting Structure with Biology to Understand the Regulation of Phosphorylation", hosted by...

CEOAS Geography Seminar - Bo Zhao & David Wrathall

Spoofing in geography: Can we trust AI to look after our geospatial data? | Will climate change drive "mass migration?" The impact of sudden, large-scale and...

Water Resources Issues Seminar Series

Water Stress and Human Migration Speaker: David Wrathall Oregon State University - Geography Department

Water Resources Seminar - David Wrathall

Water stress and human migration by David Wrathall, Oregon State University

Punt, Pass, and Kick

Register online through IMLeagues by Wednesday November 28. Individuals will purchase an IM Pass for $20 per term to play unlimited Intramurals (player...

OSU Guitar Ensemble

Dr. Cameron O'Connor leads the OSU Guitar Ensemble in their fall term performance, featuring new and original works.

Wednesday, November 28