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Wednesday, May 9

M.S. Thesis Defense - Katharine E. Solada

Constraining resurgent uplift through lake sediment paleomagnetism on Samosir Island, Toba Caldera, Indonesia M.S., GeologyAdvisor: Dr. Shan de Silva

Bedrock Lectures: David James Duncan

In the months leading up to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change, Spring Creek Project presents the Bedrock Lectures...

Prospects for climate stabilization

Bill Jaeger, Professor, Applied Economics, Oregon State University - Part of the Applied Economics Working Group series

Biochemistry and Biophysics Guest Lecture

Jingwei Xie, a researcher at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, will be giving a lecture titled, "Electrospun Nanofibers for Biomedical Applications"...

CEOAS WRS Seminar - Chris Milly

Streamflow in Our Warming World: Hydrologic Droughts Ahead? Or Just a Lot of Hot Air?

Waste Watchers General Meeting

Fight the Scourge of Waste with the Waste Watchers! Join the league of the Waste Watchers - using our knowledge of recycling and sustainability we can...

Oregon State University Crest

The ASOSU House of Representatives, the elected representatives serving the students of OSU in one-year terms, meet weekly to discuss current topics of...

Self Rescue

This Course builds upon the skills established in Efficient Climber’s Toolbox, to provide students with the skills necessary to enact basic self rescue...

Kayak Roll Sessions

Come learn how to perform effective kayak rolls to allows you to quickly right your boat. This class will get you comfortable and prepared to perform kayak...

Wednesday, May 9