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Tuesday, June 12

MS Final Examination – ShiWen Li

Investigation of Infrared Absorption of Carbon Dioxide in Metal–Organic Framework Material Due to the advantages of the high surface area and high porosity,...

Ph.D. Thesis Defense - Nikki Moore

Petrogenesis of the Steens Basalt: Variation in source contributions and effects of crustal passage during the onset of Columbia River flood basalt...

MS Final Examination – Sara Alhamar

The Impact of Network Topology on Software-Defined Network performance Software Defined Network is the new network concept when the data plane is decupled...

Paws to De-stress

Finals can be ruff! Take some time to hang out with therapy dogs. There is sure to be a pawsitive outcome!

Physics of Oceans & Atmospheres Seminar - Roger Samelson

The neutral-stability wind and current profiles near the air-sea interface

OSUsed Store Evening Sale

The OSUsed Store is open for its weekly evening public sale today. Merchandise includes used furniture (desks, file cabinets, tables, chairs, bookcases,...

Tuesday, June 12