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Wednesday, June 13

Ismael Rodriguez Perez (Ji Group) - Thesis Defense

"Organic Crystalline Solids: Investigating their Capability, Storage Mechanism and Structural Evolution in Dual-Ion Batteries"

OSU Drupal 7 Great Layouts with Paragraphs

In this workshop, we'll cover the following topics: Considerations when Using ParagraphsMedia Preparation LabUsing ParagraphsCreate a 1 Column Background...

PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan

Variations foraging Information seeking is hard and can become harder in the presence of several, very similar variants of the same artifact, as is common...

Zhifei Li (Ji Group) - Chemistry Department Thesis Defense

"Fundamental Studies of the Structure-property Correlations of Na-ion and K-ion Storage in Non-graphitic Carbon"

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers

This class is designed for any individual who has a duty to respond to emergencies. This class includes giving rescue breaths, relieving choking, practicing...

Wednesday, June 13