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Wednesday, April 10

Tangled Branches and Shifting Tides: Recent Paintings and Animations of Shelley Jordon

The artwork of Oregon State University Professor of Art Shelley Jordon is on display in the Fairbanks Gallery of Art, through April 25. Jordon, who teaches...

Human-Centered AI through Scalable Visual Data Analytics

Minsuk Kahng, Ph.D. Candidate Computer Science Georgia Institute of Technology Abstract While artificial intelligence (AI) has led to major breakthroughs in...

Star Trek and the Ethics of Genetic Enhancement Technology

In the Star Trek Universe, one of the most dangerous villains is a genetically enhanced human being from the 20th century: Khan Noonian Singh. Genetic...

Until the Cows Come Home? Evidence on the Sustainability of Voluntary Conservation Payments

Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Department Head and Professor, Applied Economics; Part of the Applied Economics Working Group Series


OPEN HOUSE @ the OSU craft center with: Tours of the facility and our many programs Craft DemonstrationsMeet our staff and instructiorsFREE Craft Activities...

Biochemistry & Biophysics Seminar

Sharona Gordon from University of Washignton will present "No gain, no pain: Turning the sensitivity of the pain-transducing TRPV1 ion chanel"

2019 Starker Lecture Series: Tribal Forestry from Reservation to Restoration

Coquille Tribal Forestry; Seeing the Forest through a Cultural Lens Coquille Tribal Forest Lands total 9,000 acres; located in two counties, on 20 discrete...

WRGP Winter Seminar Series - Week 2

Please join us for the upcoming Water Resources Science Seminar. Dr. Greg Hoke, Syracuse University, Department of Earth Sciences will present “Erosion in...

Ocean11 Ice Cream Social

Love ice cream? Love the ocean? Then come get your weekly ice cream fix while getting to know others in Ocean11 who have that marine passion too!

Out of the Darkness Campus Walk Kickoff Info Session

Interested in learning more about the upcoming Out of the Darkness Campus Walk? This info session will explain more about the upcoming event and how you can...

2019 Newman Lecture

Lecture "Is Religion Opposed to Science?" by Dr. Peter Kreeft

Kayak Roll Sessions

Come learn how to perform effective kayak rolls to allows you to quickly right your boat. This class will get you comfortable and prepared to perform kayak...

Wednesday, April 10