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Friday, March 10

Genetic Characterization and Bioclimatic Modeling of the Three Varieties of Leptographium wageneri (Cause of Black Stain Root Disease) in the Western USA

Daram Choi, M.S. defense, Sustainable Forest Management graduate program Major Professor: Dave Shaw

Analyzing Market and Utility Characteristics' Effects on Gas Stations' Vehicle Charging Market Entry

Andrew Hutchens, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University; Part of the Applied Economics Working Group Sessions. Also available via Zoom.

"Fuel for the Future" Illustrated Graphic

It's 30 years in the future, what are you eating? Is it alternative protein sources like bug protein? Soy-based meat? Indoor-grown vegetables? Is it...

Dr. Thomsen

This presentation explores the role veterinarians play in fostering multispecies relations in the Anthropocene. It draws on ethnographic field research...


The Tiptons Saxophone Quartet and Drums are an internationally renowned all-female saxophone quartet with drums, celebrating over 30 years as a band. The...

hand of one person refusing an offer of hard alcohol (possibly whiskey) in a short glass from another person. Only the hands and glass are shown.

Speaker Kathleen Grant's research in non human primates are aimed at understanding the co-morbidity of stress and excessive alcohol drinking examining risk...

Friday, March 10