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Our mission is to empower, support, and nurture OSU-Cascades students and alumni in their exploration and pursuit of lifelong career success and meaningful employment in a diverse world.

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Oregon State University

Learn about crafting resumes and cover letters that will help your application materials stand out for jobs, internships, graduate school, research, or other...

1/19/2021 12pm
Oregon State University

Many students are thinking about applying for graduate schools. In this session, we will discuss things to consider and how to apply. Join us and bring your...

1/27/2021 12pm
Oregon State University

This workshop will discuss job searching tips for graduate students -- those who wish to remain in academia, and those who plan to pursue careers outside of...

1/28/2021 5pm
Oregon State University

We'll cover topics like how to prepare for your career on an accelerated timeline, talking about previous careers/military/working gaps, getting experience...

2/2/2021 5pm
Oregon State University

This session will cover how to get ready for the great virtual networking opportunities we have in virtual career fairs. We’ll cover the basics of signing...

2/10/2021 5pm

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