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Career Development Center (OSU-Cascades) Events

October 25 - November 24, 2020

Monday, October 26

Getting a Dam Job: Networking and Job Searching in the COVID Era

Networking and Job Searching in the COVID Era

10/26 5pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 27

Things I Wish I Knew about Imposter Syndrome and Systems of Power

Learn what panelists wish they knew about finding confidence and faith in the power of their story and experiences while navigating inequitable systems that...

10/27 5pm
Virtual Event
"Careers in Bioengineering"  tips on getting an internship or job

Charla Triplett is Founder and President of Catalyze, a Consulting Collective, bringing together expertise in Research, Design and Strategy with a focus on...

10/27 5pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, October 28

Oregon State University

Here at Oregon State, we produce the top talent that employers crave. If you’re on the lookout for an exciting new opportunity, then prepare your resume and...

10/28 12pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 3

Getting a Dam Job: What Careers Exist/ How Do I Pick a Career?

What Careers Exist/ How Do I Pick a Career?

11/3 12pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, November 5

Multimedia and Journalism Career Panel

Meet three professionals in the field of multimedia and journalism through this interactive Zoom career panel. Learn how to break in to the industry and get...

11/5 5:30pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 10

Things I Wish I Knew about Building Relationships and Networking

It's not what you know, but who knows you. It's not who knows you, but who you know. Let yourself be known. Networking is all about community and...

11/10 5pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, November 18

Oregon State University

Join us for the 2020 Virtual Forestry Career Fair sponsored by our very own Society of American Foresters Student Chapter club! This robust fair includes a...

11/18 12pm
Virtual Event