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The College of Agricultural Sciences @OregonState is where science goes to work, addressing problems and tackling issues important to Oregon and the world.

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BPP Fall Seminar Series

Aspects of resistance breeding, pathogen detection, and host-pathogen interaction in the Populus trichocarpa - Sphaerulina musiva pathosystem Dr. Susanna...

10/17 4pm
College of Agricultural Sciences Student Showcase & Career Fair

Formerly known as the CAS Experiential Expo, this event combines a Career Fair, with a Poster Showcase of student research and experiential opportunities. By...

10/24 10am
BPP Fall Seminar Series

The insect olfactory system: A target for next-generation pest control and monitoring technologies Dr. Jacob Corcoran, USDA ARS Researcher Dept. of Botany &...

10/24 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar Series

Uncovering the mode and tempo of Cretaceous moss evolution Alex Bippus, graduate student Dept. of Botany & Plant Pathology Oregon State University

10/31 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar Series

RNA-directed DNA methylation and abiotic stress mediated transcriptional regulation in maize Dr. Thelma Madzima, Assistant Professor University of Washington

11/7 4pm

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