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College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

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The College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University (CEOAS) is an internationally recognized leader in the study of the Earth as an integrated system. It spans the natural science disciplines and creates strong linkages with the social sciences both within the college and university.

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Dr. Nicola Smith

Conceptual and Applied Approaches to Marine Invasions: Indo-Pacific Lionfish as a Model System Dr. Smith has 10 years of experience researching various...

11/2 4pm
Callum Shakespeare

The drag on the barotropic tide due to the generation of baroclinic motion Callum Shakespeare, Australian National University

11/3 3:30pm
Annie Hommel and Demian Hommel

Geography and Public Health walk into a bar… by Annie Hommel Geography and life, my take by Demian Hommel

11/4 3pm
Jon Perkins

Geologic signatures of landslides from the Pacific Northwest to Puerto Rico Jon Perkins, USGS

11/5 4pm
Dr. Julia Clarke

The Secret Lives of Dinosaurs Julia A. Clarke is John A. Wilson Professor in Vertebrate Paleontology at the Jackson School of Geosciences, the University of...

11/18 7pm

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