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The Oregon State University College of Forestry is an internationally recognized leader that is transforming education, research and policy for managing and sustaining working forest ecosystems in the 21st century.

We offer a world-class education that provides a wide variety of opportunities following graduation.

For our partners, we are a trusted authority and world leader in outreach and research, providing the latest scientific knowledge to inform policy and business decisions across the forest landscape.

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Weaving Narratives Into The Fabric of Our Lives

The stories of our lives weave a rich and unique tapestry, giving shape to who we are. When we use the common thread of the College of Forestry to weave...

1/25 10am
Starker Lecture Series: Recreation Panel

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfires have impacted outdoor recreation systems both in the United States and around the world. These...

1/28 12:30pm
Starker Lecture Series: Education Panel

The concept for the education discussion is to explore the impacts of COVID on students through the various stages of K-16 education through employment. The...

2/10 2pm
Starker Lecture Series: Economics Panel

The COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 Labor Day Fires have had major economic impacts on Oregon’s forest sector. Our speakers represent small and large Oregon...

3/3 2pm
Starker Lecture Series: Research Panel

How do we best study rare disturbances? What have we learned about disturbances? How can these research findings help prepare research studies, forests,...

3/10 2pm

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