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Nationally recognized as a center for excellence in research and teaching, the College of Science is home to over 3,400 students and 200 faculty in the life, statistical, physical and mathematical sciences.

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Mia Miyagi PhD Candidate, Harvard Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Gender, Sex and Trans-Inclusive Language in Biology Mia Miyagi is a member of the GenderSci Lab at Harvard, where she studies how tools from population...

11/28 4pm
Sarah Hardisty standing on a rocky shore

"Morphology, Sediment Microbial Analysis, and Species Distribution Modeling of a New Offshore Population of Ghost Shrimp (Neotrypaea sp.)"

11/29 9am
Gary Points (Beaudry Group)

Gary Points (Beaudry Group) - Chemistry Thesis Defense Aromatic heterocycles are core structural motifs in natural products, pharmaceuticals and biological...

12/1 1pm
Chemical Biology Studies of Zanthohumol and its Synthetic Pyrazole Derivatives

CH 633 Seminar: Layhna Plagmann Xanthohumol (XN) is the principal prenylated flavonoid found in hops flowers, which are responsible for the bitterness and...

12/1 4pm
Development of a Single-Cell Proteomic Platform to Study HEK-293 Cells

CH 633 Seminar: Arpa Ebrahimi Proteomic studies analyze large protein libraries to aid in identifying biological markers for diagnosis, antibody and vaccine...

12/1 4pm

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