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Botany and plant pathology are concerned with the study of plants at all levels of biological organization, from molecular and cellular processes to the global
ecosystem. This breadth of field reflects the wide range of issues and problems that confront plant biologists. In addition to addressing fundamental questions in plant biology, plant scientists in the 21st century will be called upon to provide information
useful for producing food, fiber, and medicine for an increasing population, and for increasing our understanding of the diversity of plant and ecological systems and their interactions with humans.


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BPP Fall Seminar Series

Meet the Department! Join us in our collective virtual return to campus for the Fall term and meet the department head and faculty. A Zoom event!

10/1 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar

Fungal diversity as a basis for ecological and conservation studies Dr. Camille Truong Institute of Biology National Autonomous University of Mexico A Zoom...

10/8 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar

Bonnie Templeton Seminar Speaker Functional phylogenomics of the Caryophyllales: gene and genome duplication, evolution of betalain pigmentations, and...

10/15 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar

The Rhizopus microsporus holobiont: 15 years of discoveries Dr. Laila P. Partida-Martínez Genetic Engineering Cinvestav, Irapuato Unit A Zoom event!

10/22 4pm
BPP Fall Seminar

Underground connections: Host-microbiome interactions in rice roots Dr. Venkatesan Sundaresan Plant Biology University of California at Davis A Zoom event!

10/29 4pm

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