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October 22 - November 21, 2021

Monday, October 25

Dr. Pete Zani

The Influence of Pacific Ocean Climate Modes on the Life History of Lizards in Oregon's High Desert: ENSO & PDO Affect Clutch Timing and Number Dr. Zani is...

10/25 4pm
Virtual Event

Monday, November 8

Integrative Biology Seminar - Dr. Enoch Ng'oma

From the Lab to the Bush and Back: A case for Ecological Genomics of Aging The decline in whole-organism performance with age (or aging), is a...

11/8 4pm
Virtual Event

Monday, November 15

Integrative Biology Seminar - Dr. Jonathan Armstrong

Not Always Nasty: How Hot and Hypoxic Habitats Can Support Coldwater Fisheries Jonathan Armstrong grew up in Southern Oregon and went on to conduct PhD...