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At the Department of Chemistry, our passions are broad and far-reaching.

Our researchers have access to world-class facilities that help them solve critical problems. Our students come from all over the world, and we create experiences for them that go beyond the classroom.

Whether it’s providing study abroad opportunities, internships, or the chance to work alongside faculty, our job is to help scientists build a promising future.

Upcoming Events

Xuan Ju (Beaudry Group) - Chemistry Thesis Defense

Total Synthesis of Cephalotaxus Alkaloids and Synthetic Studies toward Bazzanin K

5/22 1:30pm
Dr. Shengqian Ma (U of S. Florida) - Materials Chemistry Seminar

Nanospace within Metal-Organic Frameworks: Plenty of Room for Imagination

5/24 4pm
Chandima Gayan Bandara (Beaudry Group) - Chemistry Thesis Defense

"Comprehensive, Low-Cost Wicking Microfluidic Analytical Devices for Clinical Diagnostics and Environmental Analysis"

5/29 1pm
Prof. Richmond Sarpong (UC Berkeley)

as part of the James D. White Honorary Symposium "Break-it-to-make-it Strategies for Complex Molecule Synthesis"

5/30 5:30pm

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