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At the Department of Chemistry, our passions are broad and far-reaching.

Our researchers have access to world-class facilities that help them solve critical problems. Our students come from all over the world, and we create experiences for them that go beyond the classroom.

Whether it’s providing study abroad opportunities, internships, or the chance to work alongside faculty, our job is to help scientists build a promising future.

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Prof. Matthias Brewer (University of Vermont)

Prof. Matthias Brewer (University of Vermont) Chemistry Seminar For the past several years we have studied the reactivity of -hydoxy--diazocarbonyl...

4/15 4pm
Prof.  Jennifer Prescher (UC Irvine)

Prof. Jennifer Prescher (UC Irvine) Chemistry Seminar Abstract: Imaging tools have revolutionized our understanding of living systems by enabling...

4/29 4pm
Prof. Amanda Morris (Virginia Tech)

Prof. Amanda Morris (Virginia Tech) Chemistry Seminar Abstract: The finite supply of fossil fuels and the possible environmental impact of such energy...

5/6 4pm
"New Chalanilines A from Chalara sp. Fungus and Total Synthesis of Chalaniline B" and "Regioselective Formations of Indolines,Indoles and Carbazoles" & "The existing methods “how to determine the internal temperature of a cluster. "

A CH 633 Seminar with Mahsa Khoshbakht, Gary Points and Sahar Mamoori Khoshbakht - It was previously reported that perturbation of the endophytic ascomycete...

5/13 4pm
"Unifiedsynthetic approach to the aspidosperma alkaloids mersicarpine and leuconoxinethat relies on a radical cascade reaction" and "Stereospecific Synthesis of Allenes by Eliminative Cross-Coupling of Carbenoids" and "Synthetic Studies Toward Vinburnine

CH 633 Seminar featuring Ryan Kim, Yang Cao & Patrick Dey Kim - The Aspidosperma alkaloidsleuconoxine, melodinine E, and mersicarpine were synthesized. The...

5/20 4pm

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