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The Department of Intregrative Biology promotes discovery and learning at all levels of biological organization (molecular, cellular, organismal, population, community, and ecosystem). Our integrative focus reflects the importance of strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in research and teaching. We strive for excellence and synergy in our coordinated programs of teaching, research, and service. Recognizing the essential roles of science and biology in the lives of citizens today and tomorrow, we emphasize biological literacy in our teaching and outreach programs. 

Upcoming Events

Lauren K. Borland - Integrative Biology MS Defense Seminar

“Seismic survey vessel noise pollution in nearshore Southern Oregon: spatial and temporal analysis of demersal fish movements”

6/5 8:30am
Henri Combrink - Integrative Biology PhD Defense Seminar

“Navigating food and foes in the savanna: nutrition, infections and spatial ecology in African buffalo”

6/6 12pm
John Stepanek - Integrative Biology MS Defense Seminar

“Carbon storage in U.S. Pacific Northwest coastal dunes: the role of invasive beachgrasses and sand supply”

6/8 10am
Justin Hockett - Integrative Biology MS Defense Seminar

“From hydrology to biology: how abiotic factors structure invertebrate communities in a free-flowing river network”

6/14 9am

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