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Diversity & Cultural Engagement

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Diversity & Cultural Engagement and its seven cultural resource centers provide a platform for you to collaborate and build an inclusive, just community. Enriched by differences, our programs and initiatives empower students to develop multiple perspectives and foster self-awareness.

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LANDFALL: Virtual Screening & Discussion

Join us for a film screening of "Landfall" followed by a discussion on themes in the documentary, including capitalism, colonization, and climate change....

4/22 5pm
Show Me Your Colors: Sexual Violence & Its Impacts On LGBTQ+ Men

This event will focus on the lived experiences of men and men-adjacent people who are LGBTQ+ and survivors of sexual assault. We will be discussing the...

4/22 6pm
Denim Day Craft Night

Join us for a night of crafting in preparation for Denim Day 2021. We will be providing 50 crafting kits to students who are interested/able to pick up their...

4/27 6pm
Identity, Justice & The Workplace

How do I find a job that's affirming/supportive of my identities? I'm not going into non-profit or advocacy work - is it still possible for me to use my...

4/27 6pm
Community Game Night

Join us for a fun-filled evening with games, music, and laughter. This event will be held in Remo, where we'll have different games at every table...

4/28 6pm

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