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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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With a culture of collaboration and innovation, we’re making a positive difference in the world by conducting research and training future engineers to find creative solutions to problems that enable people to live safer, smarter, more productive lives.

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Autonomous mobile systems: modelling, control and planning

Corina Barbalata, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department University of Michigan Abstract The new generations of...

2/18 10am
The Challenge of Ant Sized Robots

Ryan St. Pierre, Post-Doctoral Researcher Carnegie Mellon University Abstract The highly dynamic mobility of insects inspires an entire field of...

2/19 10am
Modeling and Control For Robotic Assistants

Monroe D. Kennedy III, Ph.D. Candidate Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics University of Michigan Abstract As advances are made in robotic...

2/20 10am
PhD Final Exam – Vishvas Chalishazar

Electrical Grid Seismic Resilience The Pacific Northwest region is a part of the ring of fire which is well known for heavy seismic activity. Numerous...

2/21 2pm
PhD Preliminary Oral Exam – Hanzhong Xu

Computing the Frechet distance between surfaces The Frechet distance is a natural way to measure similarity for geometric objects such as curves and...

2/21 3pm

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