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The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion provides students with a richly connected series of lenses though which they can examine the universe and their place in it.  Our students learn to research, analyze, and contextualize the changing roles of religion, science, politics, and thought in both ancient and modern cultures.  They also develop ethical, moral reasoning, and critical thinking skills in the service of an engaged life. 

This foundation has enabled our graduates to find careers delving in the archives at the Library of Congress, working as ethical consultants for international corporations, opening and operating their own businesses, serving in government, nonprofits, and the military, and even becoming teachers, ministers, and professors themselves. 

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Reflections on the Holocaust

In 1944, 13-year-old Stephen (“Pista”) Nasser was deported to Auschwitz. Of the 21 members in his family of Hungarian Jews, he was to be the only survivor....

4/29 7:30pm
Christopher R. Browning, From Persecution to Annihilation: Hitler’s Decision to Proceed with the Final Solution

Christopher Browning, an emeritus professor of history at the University of North Carolina and previously a member of the History Department at Pacific...

4/30 7:30pm

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