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University Housing & Dining Services (OSU-Cascades)

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University Housing & Dining Services staff provide support services that help students transition to OSU-Cascades, including connections with residential staff, academic support services, healthy dining options and leadership opportunities right where they live.

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Oscar Party

Come find out which of your favorite stars will win an Oscar! Enjoy light refreshments, games, and the company of your peers.

2/24 5pm
Bump it, set it, SIGN UP: Intramural Women's Volleyball Team

Register for the OSU-Cascades Intramural Women's Volleyball Team prior to the team meeting. The 6v6 League plays on Wednesday nights between 6-10pm at Pilot...

3/1 12:30pm
Staff "AMA IRL" Discussions

AMA: "Ask Me Anything" IRL: "In Real Life" You can pose anonymous questions ahead of time via 1/9: Julia Conrad - Cascade...

3/6 5:30pm
Karaoke Night

The event everyone knows and loves will be happening again! Guest appearances will include someone that sounds kind of like Ed Sheeran, someone who has been...

3/15 7:30pm
SIGN UP: Intramural Co-ed Soccer Team Meeting

Register for the OSU-Cascades Intramural Co-ed Soccer Team prior to the team meeting. The league plays on Sunday afternoons between noon-7pm (times will be...

4/1 4:30pm

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