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An Adaptive Supervisory-Based Human-Robot Teaming Architecture

Jamison Heard, PhD Candidate
Vanderbilt University


Changing the ways that robots interact with humans in uncertain, dynamic, and high-intensity environments (i.e., first response or a NASA control room) is needed in order to realize effective human-robot teams. Dynamic domains require new innovative human-robot teaming methodologies, which are adaptive in nature, due to varying task demands. These methodologies require mechanisms that can drive the robot's interactions, such that the robot provides valuable contributions to achieving the task, while appropriately interacting with, but not hindering the human. The human's complete workload state can be used to determine robot interactions that may augment team performance, due to the relationship between workload and task performance. This dissertation developed a workload assessment algorithm capable of estimating overall workload and each workload component (e.g., cognitive, auditory, visual, speech, and physical) in order to provide meaningful information to an adaptive system. This algorithm was incorporated into a developed adaptive system, which was demonstrated to target adaptations towards a workload component in order to improve task performance.

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Jamison Heard is a PhD Candidate at Vanderbilt University, although he is completing research at OSU with Dr. Julie A. Adams. His research focuses on developing innovative human-state assessment algorithms and task recognition algorithms in order to design adaptive systems capable of intelligently adapting system interactions. Jamison will  join the Rochester Institute of Technology this August as an assistant professor of electrical engineering with a focus on robotics.

Friday, August 2, 2019 at 10:00am to 11:00am

Rogers Hall, 226
2000 SW Monroe Avenue, Corvallis, OR 97331

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