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Career opportunities at Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC-Tech)

Come and learn about careers and co-ops with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC -Tech) USNC-Tech is a nuclear technology company that specializes in the design of compact nuclear energy systems for space and terrestrial uses. Our mission is to enable the settlement of outer space and meet humanity’s clean energy needs through developing commercial nuclear technologies. Formed in 2019, USNC-Tech is an independently operated and managed subsidiary of Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation and is based in Seattle, WA with a waterfront office on Salmon Bay.

USNC-Tech is seeking co-ops for the spring/summer terms to help us develop space nuclear systems. We are looking for students in Aerospace, Mechanical, Nuclear, Chemical engineering programs. We are specifically looking for a co-op to help us with mechanical design for surface fission power systems and a co-op to assist with onsite laboratory manufacturing of commercial atomic batteries.

Presented by Aaron Selby, Director of Operations at USNC-Tech where he provides project management services for modelling and experimental projects. He has been involved in nuclear materials research for eight years, with a focus on research project management for the past five years. During his time at USNC, he was integral in the development of the quality assurance program for the Fuel & Materials division and university partnership laboratories. Prior to his time at USNC, he was a technical project manager for multiple graphite irradiation projects at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Before moving into project management roles, he performed research on the simulation of radiation damage in metals at the University of Tennessee.

Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm

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