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CH 633 Seminar "Breaking the rules: Solvent-dependent anti-Kasha emission in proflavin" and "Concentrated aqueous electrolyte enabling organic SEI for Fe-ion batteries"

Kye Hunter

Nearly 75 years after the formulation of Kasha’s rule for photoemission, there are only a few approaches to designing systems with more than one emission peak.  These approaches frequently leverage effects where one system gives rise to two distinct emission bands which are actually due to multiple isomers or conformations. The proflavin cation provides an example of dual emission that depends on both the choice, or absence, of solvent and the initial excitation energy. I will show how our new quantum mechanical approach found that proflavin’s unusual behavior is derived from a single isomer where mixed excited states lead to the dual emission.

Sung Jin Yang

Due to abundance and cost-effectiveness, acidic Fe-ion batteries are emerging as a promising candidate to large scale energy storage system. Despite their potential, challenges persist when using acidic aqueous electrolytes for Fe-ion batteries, particularly in suppressing the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). To overcome this challenge, high concentration electrolyte is employed in combination with an organic solvent. The electrolyte with a substantial amount of ZnCl2 has the capability to dissolve dimethyl carbonate (DMC), which is originally immiscible in water. The reduction of DMC on the iron surface leads to formation of an organic solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer, which can effectively inhibit HER. This approach holds promise in enhancing the stability of iron anode in acidic electrolyte by in-situ formation of protecting layer during cycling performance.

Thursday, February 22 at 4:00pm

Linus Pauling Science Center, 402
2900 SW Campus Way, Corvallis, OR 97331

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