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HMSC Research Seminar-Laura Lilly, NOAA NWFSC/ OSU

Speaker: Laura Lilly, NOAA NWFSC/ OSU

Topic: Analyzing physical drivers of seasonal and interannual zooplankton community variability in the Southern and Northern California Current System

Abundance and composition of the zooplankton community can significantly impact higher trophic levels (fishes, seabirds, marine mammals) and carbon export, but how zooplankton vary between years, and the underlying mechanisms that cause changes, are not always clear. Improving our understanding of the mechanisms that impact different zooplankton sectors, particularly at the species level, can allow us to better predict how zooplankton communities may respond to both short- and long-term future ocean perturbations. This talk will examine variability in zooplankton community composition in two sectors of the California Current System: the Southern CCS, off central and southern California, and the Northern CCS off central Oregon. I will first describe interannual variability in the springtime zooplankton community and copepod and euphausiid species of the SCCS in response to El Niño events between 1951-2018, with a focus on species-level spatial changes within the euphausiid taxon to identify possible oceanographic forcing mechanisms that influence cool-water and subtropical species. I will then discuss current research quantifying interannual variability in winter zooplankton community composition and the timing of winter-spring community transitions in the NCC off Oregon from 1996-2020, and how those changes may relate to variability in coastal upwelling and water column conditions. Finally, I will discuss how these findings may be useful for fishery stock assessments and modeling.


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+1-971-247-1195 US Meeting ID: 945 5573 1151

Thursday, August 5 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm

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