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Materials and Devices Seminar: Exploring Microfluidic Technology at the HP Inc. Analytical and Development Labs

Calvin Davis
Materials Engineer
Hewlett Packard Inc.

The Analytical and Development Labs (ADL) at HP Inc. has supported microfluidic technology development for over 30 years in Corvallis, OR. In this talk, Dr. Calvin Davis will explore a day in the life of an ADL engineer. No two days in the ADL are the same because we support a variety of rapidly changing technological platforms including our core home/office thermal ink jet printing, industrial web press printing, 3D metal and polymer multi-jet fusion technology, and other novel microfluidic applications. In our lab we strive for more than just data reporting, but to help guide our partners to the correct test plan for root-cause analysis, material compatibility testing, and other development needs. The lab has experts and analytical equipment in many fields including failure analysis, material science, chemical analysis, surface science. In addition to an overview of the lab, we will cover some specific examples on how our labs various techniques were used in past root cause analysis.

Speaker Biography
Calvin Davis is a Materials Engineer at Hewlett Packard Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon, where he works in the ADL (Analytical and Development Labs). In the ADL, he gets to work with colleagues who are, experts in chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering, and failure analysis. The lab has a wide-ranging collection of physical and analytical tools used to support HPs global R&D and manufacturing efforts. In his current role, Calvin uses his expertise in materials characterization, materials processing, electrochemistry, and failure analysis to support several microfluidic technologies including TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) technology, 3D metals and polymer printing, and other novel applications for microfluidics. In this presentation Calvin will discuss what its like working in an industrial lab, how the labs analysis supports microfluidics, how his graduate education prepared him for this role, and his decision to join industry following graduate school.

In 2011, he received his B.S degree from Clemson University in Polymer Fiber Chemistry.  In 2016 He received a Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Material Science and Engineering. The focus of his doctorate was glass ceramics for energy storage applications. In this work he studied the relationship between microwave sintering and materials properties of glass ceramic electrolytes for batteries, and glass ceramic high energy storage capacitors. In 2017 he went on to his current role with HP Inc.

Friday, April 19 at 11:00am to 12:00pm

Kelley Engineering Center, 1007
110 SW Park Terrace, Corvallis, OR 97331

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