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MS Final Exam – Satyajit Kamble

Incognito Buzzroom - Communicate While Staying Anonymous

In a society, both in the physical and the online world, individuals find themselves in a dilemma - whether they should be sharing their contact information with an unknown person they just met or should they politely deny their request. There are people who want to get to know more before they reveal more. These individuals might have their own reasons for not sharing much about themselves. These reasons can be - privacy, discomfort, suspicion, mistrust or simply a disciplined practice to avoid falling into unfavorable circumstances.

To allow such people to still communicate within the comfort of their private spaces, Incognito Buzzroom was created to enable users to create and join personalized channels of communication in realtime, choosing to stay anonymous at the same time, with the added capability of video. This platform is capable of hosting multiple communication channels, called “buzzrooms”, with multiple users, and also peer to peer video calls. With additional features such as location sharing, participant viewing and participant inviting, Incognito Buzzroom helps individuals spend their energy on getting to know relatively unknown people so that they can take steps towards developing trust and have a wholesome communication experience at the same time.

This report deconstructs and lays out the motivation behind building Incognito Buzzroom, discusses similarly related work, describes the need for such a platform, and expounds the moving parts of Incognito Buzzroom. Furthermore, this report shall also put forth a user study, and then proceed to evaluate the project which helps in determining the efficacy and viability of Incognito Buzzroom as a solution.

Major Advisor: Kishore Bhamidipati
Committee: Mike Bailey
Committee: Raffaele De Amicis

Tuesday, June 8 at 2:00pm to 4:00pm

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