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PhD Final Exam – Xuanyi Dong

Design of Compact Passive Components and Circuits for RF and Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuit in Silicon

Emerging fifth generation (5G) and beyond 5G communication networks are stimulating the design of radio-frequency (RF) and millimeter-wave (mmWave) integrated circuits for wireless transceivers systems. While co-integration of active circuits and diverse passive components becomes feasible at these high operating frequencies, circuit design is faced with significant challenges due to the complicated electromagnetic coupling between components and to interconnects in close proximity. The conventional coupling reduction approach requiring large separation distances wastes valuable silicon area and, hence, increases cost. Furthermore, the long interconnections needed because of the large separation of components introduce additional electromagnetic parasitic which may degrade circuit performance. Therefore, innovative designs of highly compact passive components and circuits while maintaining low coupling are needed for viable on-chip integration.

This dissertation proposes a general inductor layout design methodology achieving compact footprints with negligible magnetic coupling between inductors without sacrificing individual inductor performance. The innovative design approach is based on the principle of magnetic flux cancellation. A comprehensive study of the coupling characteristics between two partially overlapped inductors is presented along with full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation and on-wafer measurements.

Furthermore, systematic design guidelines have been developed to enable efficient implementation of the compact inductor layout strategy in different applications. Compact designs/redesigns of various RF and mmWave integrated lumped-element passive circuits including a power amplifier (PA) matching network, RF and mmWave bandpass filters (BPFs), and a single-pole-double-throw (SPDT) switch are presented, demonstrating the practicality and reliability of the proposed compact layout design approach in RF and mmWave applications.

Major Advisor: Andreas Weisshaar
Committee: Gabor C. Temes
Committee: Kartikeya Mayaram
Committee: Arun Natarajan
GCR: William H. Warnes 

Friday, May 29 at 10:00am to 11:59am

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