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Campbell Lecture

Living in Pasteur's Quadrant: Can we Link Basic and Applied Research? Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, PhD H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Education in the School...

10/1 4pm
Using Implementation Methods to Facilitate Real-World Adoption of Evidence-Based Practice and System Change

Lisa Saldana, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, Oregon

10/11 1pm
Global Future Health: When Fetal Development is Global Development in Guatemala— and Beyond

Emily Yates-Doerr, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Language, Culture, and Society, College of Liberal Arts, OSU

10/18 1pm
Can Too Much Exercise Hurt the Heart?

Paul D. Thompson, MD Chief of Cardiology and The Athletes' Heart Program at Hartford Hospital, Professor of Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, University of...

10/25 1pm
Has the Research Agenda for Epidemiology Been Taken Hostage by the 'Omics Revolution’?

Richard Cooper, MD Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences, Loyola University in Chicago

11/1 1pm

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John McQueen

John McQueen left a review 3/9/2018

I couldn't get R installed on my Commodore 64, what gives?

Alan Calvert

Alan Calvert left a positive review 2/1/2018

The seminar was engaging and informative. Much thanks to the College of Public Health and Human Sciences for bringing Dr. Crespo to campus to share his expertise.