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Assembly line of people prepare food

"The obesity epidemic: Is the cure worse than the disease?" will be presented by CPHHS Professor Russ Turner in HFC 115 and online. This seminar is...

10/1 1pm
Leah E. Robinson

Join the College of Public Health and Human Sciences and the Hallie E. Ford Research Center for Healthy Children and Families for the 2021 Campbell lecture....

10/8 1pm
Marc Norcross

College of Public Health and Human Sciences Friday Research Seminar: “Variety is the spice of life! Increasing the adoption of sports injury prevention...

10/15 1pm
Jeff Proulx

“Exploring Native American and Indigenous mindfulness in public health and medicine” will be presented by Jeffrey Proulx, associate director of diversity and...

10/22 1pm
Suzanne Segerstrom

“Well-being, immunosenescence and the brain” will be presented by Suzanne Segerstrom, professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, from 1-2 p.m....

10/29 1pm

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