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Intel Day

Bring your resume and come meet our engineers, managers, and recruiters! This is your chance to spend time with Intel in a casual, relaxed setting and learn...

1/22 12am
More than Figure-of-Merit ADC Design Perspective

Chi-Hang Chan, Assistant Professor University of Macau Abstract In the past few decades, ADC researchers have spent numerous efforts to push the energy...

2/21 11am
High Performance Hybrid ADCs & Digital Assisted Techniques

Yan Zhu, Associate Professor University of Macau Abstract SAR (Successive Approximation Register) ADCs rely on the switch-capacitor circuit to perform the...

2/21 2pm
Beaver BarCamp 20

Beaver BarCamp 20 The OSU Open Source Lab "Un-Conference" Saturday, April 4, 2020 9am to 6pm Share your passion, connect with others, and learn something...

4/6 9am

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