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Prof. Paul Blakemore - Chemistry Departmental Seminar

"Stereospecific Assembly Methods Using sp3-Hybridized Carbenoids: Adventures of a Stereochemist”

10/23 5pm
Lessons from the Great Conservationists of the Past

Dr. Larry A. Nielsen Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University These seem like stressful times for the environment. The climate is changing,...

11/8 4pm
Prof. Ryan Altman (KU) - Organic Chemistry Seminar

“Exploiting the Unique Effects of Fluorine for Synthetic Methodology and Medicine”

11/15 5pm
URSA Engage Informational/Networking Workshop

The 2018-2019 URSA Engage program will be described, and information provided on how applicants can seek and approach mentors, and develop a successful...

11/19 5pm

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