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The Cricket tournament will be held on 3/6/2021 from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm in the McAlexander Fieldhouse. Participants are expected to arrive at least 20...

3/6 11am

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Gabriel Mcfarlane

Gabriel Mcfarlane left a positive review 2/14/2020

Super fun, but I had one major safety concern. Of the designated spotters only one or two individuals were actually spotting in a way that made a positive difference. Those who were psotting incorrectly were standing too far away from climbers (specifically on the overhangs) to make a possitive difference. I had multiple teammates feel similarly wary of the situations and I ended up sstepping in and spotting some of them even spotting one team member myself when a high heel was thrown. I took a fall from the top of the wall off of a big slopper trying to match it and landed flat on my back hurting my right shoulder as I overrotated backwards and to my right. The spotter didn't make any contact with me where I should have felt a hard pushon my shoulder blades to make my fall alot safer. It is my strong recomendation that spotters either be well experienced and trained or not to provide spotters who don't know how to keep their climbers safe. Other than this I had absolute blast and really apreciated all the hard work that went into the setting and organizing for this event! Thanks for your time, and please reach out if there are any questions or followups! Reach me at

Gabe McFarlane - OSU Cascades Rock Climbing Sports Team President

Suzanne Plagmann

Suzanne Plagmann posted a photo 6/6/2018