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Memorial Union Building (MU)

2501 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331


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New International Student Orientation

Welcoming of new international students to OSU community and resources

9/13 8:30am
CEOAS All-College Meeting

College Picnic, catered BBQ picnic, to follow, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM, Avery Park, Thompson Shelter,

9/20 4pm
OSU Leadership Conference

The OSU Leadership Conference is a day dedicated to the development of students on campus, and is designed to: aide students in comprehending their own and...

2/16/2019 10am
MS Final Examination – Alrik Firl

Techniques for Semi-Supervised Video Object Instance Segmentation and Tracking-by-Detection in the Wild This thesis consists of two major components. The...

6/18/2019 1:30pm

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Sarah Lucia Nazario

Sarah Lucia Nazario left a positive review 6/6/2018

An affectionate, relaxing and Distressing experience. Overall Good. :) #LOVEAnimals Spring Term 2018 OSU Corvallis!

Sarah Lucia Nazario

Sarah Lucia Nazario left a review 5/30/2018

Innovative idea for entrepreneurship oriented individuals, mostly an okay presentation. Advertisement was misleading though, this event advertised some food will be available after presentation and host seemed insensitive to the fact the ad was misleading.

Sarah Lucia Nazario

Sarah Lucia Nazario left a positive review 5/28/2018

A very informative morning and a well educated speaker. :)

Sarah Lucia Nazario

Sarah Lucia Nazario left a positive review 5/17/2018

Straight to the point. Tasty O'devours.

Tina Clawson

Tina Clawson left a positive review 3/5/2018

What a fabulous surprise! I thought this was only a test calendar entry; but my wishful thinking took me for a walk and... OREOS! Thanks!

Alan Calvert

Alan Calvert left a positive review 2/19/2018

This dramatic performance engenders an excruciating, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary;. The opulent and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the main theme is scarcely developed. This composition would make a good concert opener.