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MU Game Night

An event for students to meet up on campus so they may have a fun time playing video games and board games together and enjoy refreshments.

1/28 12pm
School of Psychological Science Week: Hire a Psych Student-Employer Networking Event for Jobs & Internships

Meet employers eager to connect with OSU students who are majoring or minoring in Psychology to discuss job and internship opportunities available in Oregon....

2/2 2pm
album cover (wikipedia)

Join host Bob Santelli, University Director of Popular Music and OSU student Colson Legras for an in-depth look at the pop and rock albums that have made,...

2/2 7pm
The Bird's Eye

The Bird's Eye is a collaboration between cellist Caleigh Drane and guitarist William Seiji Marsh. It was born during the pandemic, when the couple was in...

2/3 12pm
Community Dialogue - Power of Color: Conversations About Colorism

Community Dialogues seek to cultivate connection and deep learning through exploration of critical and contentious issues. This series is focused on...

2/9 4pm

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Karree Lee

Karree Lee posted a photo 9/27/2021

Erin Sneller

Erin Sneller posted a photo 9/24/2021

Bethany Evans, harp Bethany Evans, harp

Erin Sneller

Erin Sneller posted a photo 9/24/2021

Amelia Lukas, flute Amelia Lukas, flute

Erin Sneller

Erin Sneller posted a photo 9/20/2021

Erin Sneller

Erin Sneller posted a photo 9/20/2021

Alex and Angela Carlson, 2021 Alex and Angela Carlson, 2021

Michael Healy

Michael Healy left a review 1/27/2020

Once I got in what was I supposed to do? Nobody explained anything. The booths were full at all times and the lines didn't move.

Sharadha Kumarakshi Kalyanam

Sharadha Kumarakshi Kalyanam posted a photo 1/27/2020

Muhammad Akif

Muhammad Akif left a positive review 1/15/2020

I had great time... love to be a part of it again