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HMSC Research Seminar-Conservation and Threats to Brazilian Reef Environments

Speaker: Dr. Fernanda Amaral, Laboratório de Ambientes Recifais – LAR (Coral Reef Lab), Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, Brazil Topic: Conservation...

HMSC Research Seminar-Fred Allendorf- Do We Still Need Theory?

Speaker: Fred Allendorf, Regents Professor of Biology Emeritus at the University of Montana Topic: Population Genomics: Do We Still Need Theory?...

Seashell fossils

Join us for hands-on family activities, special guest lectures, information on where to look for fossils, and techniques and tips on how to prepare your...

HMSC Research Seminar-Taylor Chapple

Speaker: Taylor Chapple, Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, COMES, Oregon State University Topic: TBA

HMSC Science on Tap-Little-known forests of the tidelands: Oregon's magnificent tidal swamps, past and present

Speaker: Laura Brophy, Director of the Estuary Technical Group at the Institute for Applied Ecology Topic: Little-known forests of the tidelands: Oregon's...

HMSC Research Seminar-New institutions for marine conservation

Speaker: Christopher Costello, Director and Sustainable Fisheries Group Co-Director, Environmental Market Solutions Lab (emLab), Professor of Natural...

HMSC Research Seminar-Liz Perotti

Speaker: Liz Perotti- Assistant Project Leader, ODFW & PERS President Elect Topic: TBA

HMSC Research Seminar-Gretchen Hanshew

Speaker: Gretchen Hanshew, NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region Topic: TBA