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BCC Staff from last year Black Excellence Ceremony

The Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center presents the 5th Annual Black Excellence Celebration. This an evening of celebrating some esteem black faculty,...

Oregon State University

Employers know that Oregon State students are, to put it simply, outstanding at what they do. That’s why this career fair attracts approximately 70 employers...

2/19 11am

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Andreea Ioanas

Andreea Ioanas left a positive review 5/30/2019

I thought Dam Jam was great! I wish that it started on time, and that Jesse McCartney had a shorter performance, so that the actual headliner had a long enough show time to perform his whole show and not get threatened with a fine and cut short in the middle of his performance. I also think that the DJ's table should have been secured better, as that equipment is very expensive.

Heath Jones

Heath Jones left a positive review 10/16/2018

I loved it... there was a good turnout in companies this year and I was able to receive interview requests for job opportunities and the recruitment efforts at this event were great. I have enjoyed these events for the past few years and will highly recommend to everyone who attends college here.

Alexander Robertson

Alexander Robertson left a positive review 9/21/2018


Coquille Rex

Coquille Rex left a positive review 9/10/2018

I am so PROUD to be an OSU Alumni and employee! OSU changed my life and my family's life. OSU is committed to inclusion and diversity! I LOVE OSU!

Brittany Mehlberg

Brittany Mehlberg left a negative review 6/15/2018

It was really crowded and I left.