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Andreea Ioanas

Andreea Ioanas left a positive review 5/30/2019

I thought Dam Jam was great! I wish that it started on time, and that Jesse McCartney had a shorter performance, so that the actual headliner had a long enough show time to perform his whole show and not get threatened with a fine and cut short in the middle of his performance. I also think that the DJ's table should have been secured better, as that equipment is very expensive.

Heath Jones

Heath Jones left a positive review 10/16/2018

I loved it... there was a good turnout in companies this year and I was able to receive interview requests for job opportunities and the recruitment efforts at this event were great. I have enjoyed these events for the past few years and will highly recommend to everyone who attends college here.

Alexander Robertson

Alexander Robertson left a positive review 9/21/2018


Bethany Whitten

Bethany Whitten left a review 9/17/2018

It was good but was also slightly draining after the walk and convocation

Jason Tran

Jason Tran left a positive review 9/17/2018

It would've been nice to do the chants more and more so that we can actually memorize it.

Tyler Price

Tyler Price left a review 9/17/2018

it was hard to hear sometimes and very confusing with the chants

Quentin Peterson

Quentin Peterson left a review 9/17/2018

It was fun seeing the band on the field and Benny running around dancing, but I could barely hear the person with the microphone because how poor the speakers were. Also, not everyone around me was pumped up during the practicing of the cheers. Overall, I loved that the screen said “welcome class of 2022” and watching everyone preform.

Coquille Rex

Coquille Rex left a positive review 9/10/2018

I am so PROUD to be an OSU Alumni and employee! OSU changed my life and my family's life. OSU is committed to inclusion and diversity! I LOVE OSU!

Brittany Mehlberg

Brittany Mehlberg left a negative review 6/15/2018

It was really crowded and I left.