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Student Experience Center Plaza (SEC Plaza)

The Student Experience Center Plaza is a covered, open air event space available to the campus community.   It is located along SW Jefferson Way between the Student Experience Center and the Memorial Union.

This space may be reserved through the Memorial Union reservation system.

2251 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis OR


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Hope Walks at OSU

Out of the Darkness Campus Walk to Prevent Suicide: CAPS is coordinating the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Out of the Darkness Campus...

4/18 10am
Booth at the Beyond Earth Day Community Fair

Learn about groups and organizations that are focused on earth ecosystems, health and wellness, viable economies, and social progress and draws attention to...

4/21 11:30am

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Behind the Uniform


(Re)Vision Tailgate


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Naga Sai Gayatri Arani

Naga Sai Gayatri Arani left a positive review 5/17/2019

It was my first time and an amazing experience!!!

Ellie Yamamoto

Ellie Yamamoto left a positive review 4/26/2019

I thought the walk was very helpful. It was nice to see a community of people who are dealing with a topic that is so hard to grasp and talk about. The speakers were so strong and it was truly amazing hearing their stories and how far they have come. My favorite (although the toughest part of the event) was the bead ceremony. You really get to see how many people are going through similar things as you. I also really enjoyed the fact that there was food, therapy dogs, and a bunch of booths to go around and look at. Overall the event was fantastic and I hope they put on another one next year.

Ann Bradshaw

Ann Bradshaw left a positive review 3/1/2019

I am so glad to have found this opportunity and to have volunteered at the farm sanctuary over the weekend. I met wonderful people from OSU and contributed my manpower to help an amazing farm continue to improve the space and care they provide to their rescue animals.

Hanna Royer

Hanna Royer left a positive review 1/18/2019

It was fun!

Marta Maldonado

Marta Maldonado left a positive review 10/23/2018

So great to know OSU folk acknowledge the contributions of immigrant individuals and communities.

Courtney Huston

Courtney Huston left a positive review 10/8/2018

This was the most relaxing thing I’ve done since I got to OSU. I loved the dogs, the painting, and the music especially. Definitely hope this happens again later in the year. Thank you so much!!